Requests for CCTV footage held

Requests for CCTV footage: Again, any person whose image has been recorded has a right to be given, on request, a copy of the information recorded.  To exercise that right, a person must make an application to the Data Controller/school/ETB.  A data controller  must respond within one calendar month.  Practically, a person should provide necessary information to a data controller to assist the school/ETB in locating the individual’s data, such as the date, time and location of the recording. If the image is of such poor quality as not to clearly identify an individual, that image may not be considered to be personal data.

In giving a person a copy of their data, the data controller may provide a still/series of still pictures, a tape or a disk with relevant images. However, other people's images should be obscured before the data is released.  For further information and guidance, see Use of CCTV Systems in Schools and Guidelines on Use of CCTV Footage