Garda Vetting Outcomes/Disclosures

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner advises that due to the highly sensitive nature of such records, Garda vetting outcomes/disclosures (whether clear or disclosing offences/prosecutions) should not be retained on file within the school/ETB.

“Vetting disclosures should be routinely deleted one year after they are received, except in exceptional circumstances. In the case of future questions or issues in relation to a vetting disclosure, the reference number and date of disclosure may be retained on file and this can be checked with An Garda Síochána”.

The Garda Vetting Unit is the unit within An Garda Síochána which deals with such requests.

Where outcomes/disclosures appear on the Garda vetting outcome which may affect the roles given to an individual within the organisation (e.g. a teacher with speeding offences on record being prohibited from driving the school bus) and the Garda vetting outcome/disclosure is removed from the employee’s file within 12 months (as per the Data Protection Commissioner’s guidance), then a note should be kept on the employee’s file with the full knowledge of the employee. For example, the note on the employee’s file might state: “X should not be permitted to drive the school bus – see Garda Vetting Outcome dated DD/MM/YYYY, reference 123456”. The employee should be made aware that this record is on their file. In this way, a subsequent principal/school management team can continue to run the school safely and effectively.