Recruitment & Selection Process

Files should be opened following each recruitment competition, containing, amongst other miscellaneous correspondence, copies of the advertisement for the position and application forms of successful and unsuccessful candidates.

  • All documentation relating to the recruitment of the successful candidate should be transferred to and retained on their personnel file

  • Where candidates are placed on a panel for the filling of future vacancies that may arise within a defined period, all recruitment documentation will be retained until the expiration of the panel (but in any case, retained for not less than 18 months) and then destroyed

  • Application forms of unsuccessful candidates should in the normal course be retained for 18 months following competition result and then destroyed. Candidates who participated in the competition should be informed of this procedure

  • Interview marking schemes, notes and selection test marking schemes should be retained normally for 18 months in respect of an unsuccessful applicant and in the case of a successful candidate, the interview marking schemes, notes etc. relating to their application (but not those relating to other applicants) should be transferred to and retained on their personnel file.

Record Retention Schedule