School Tours Information

The school will keep financial information regarding the students’ participation in a tour, a record of monies paid by parents/guardians for the tour, insurance information, details of any fundraising for the tour. The tour operator selected by the school should have a Data Protection policy and this should be made available to all parents/students.

As the school will be supplying the Tour Operator with personal data relating to their students, parents/guardians and students must be informed in writing in advance that their personal data will be transferred to the tour operator for the purpose of making travel arrangements etc. Parents should be informed that a copy of the personal information held by the tour operator will be provided on request.

Where school tour operators have a legitimate basis to receive personal data of students, they must comply with the Data Protection Acts and third party service agreements. This includes the rights of data subjects to have access to their personal data under section 4 of the Data Protection Acts.

The school also receives detailed information for the student travelling on the trip including medical data and may include copies of passport and health insurance e.g. copy of the E111/EHIC card. Under data protection legislation, schools may only keep data for specific, lawful and clearly stated purposes and the data should only be processed in a manner compatible with the purpose(s). The information contained in these forms should not be used for further purposes or disclosed to third parties. An indication of how long such information should be retained by the school is included in the Records Retention Schedule. The information should be securely deleted where it is no longer required.