Relevant Use of a PPS Number

A PPS number should only be sought where it is relevant and is required for a specific and lawful purpose. Therefore PPS numbers should only be sought and collected at the time they are needed. Primary schools are referred to DES CL 0025/2015.

Post-primary schools however can request PPS numbers on enrolment forms where there is a rationale to provide such information e.g. where the PPS number is required in the ‘October Returns’ made to DES as outlined in DES CL 47/2010, and where it is required for registration for state examinations. The rationale and purpose for collection of PPS numbers should be made clear to parents/guardians at the time of enrolment.  This may be achieved by including the DES Fair Processing Notice to Parents (included in DES CL 47/2010) in the enrolment pack and having the student’s parent/guardian sign their consent to such processing on behalf of their child.