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Post Primary Data Protection Workshops 2014

Presented by Millett & Matthews Solicitors

Data Protection Workshops took place in September and October in Dublin, Cork and Athlone. The workshops were attended by Post Primary Principals/Deputy Principals/BOM members/administrative personnel with responsibility for data processing.

The school management bodies have developed Data Protection Guidelines for primary and post-primary schools which are available on this website.These guidelines/website will be launched in advance of the dedicated training scheduled for the last week of September. The Data Protection website will offer helpful advice and tailored templates for schools. Millett & Matthews have worked with the management bodies and the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office on the project.

The workshops on Data Protection were designed to give an overview of the website materials and give some ‘real-world’ advice to schools on the most common data protection issues which arise.

Content Included:

Participants received a detailed booklet of the materials covered at the workshop.

Topics that were covered include:

1. What is data protection, and why does it apply to schools?

2. An overview of the website materials.

3. Getting your policies in place (CCTV policies, data protection policies, collecting consent from staff and parents).

4. Data Access Requests: what they are and how to deal with them.

5. Safe storage and retention periods for different information.

6. Common scenarios:

• Transfers of information about pupils between schools.
• Unmarried/separated parent requesting information about their child.
• Unsuccessful job applicant making data access request.
• State agency requesting sensitive information from the school about the child and their family.